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      Young delinquent: Inquiry into several aspects of identity construction in mass media [1]
      Young people and mental health in the risk society: The impact of labor market insecurity [1]
      Young people's leisure time: Gender differences [1]
      Young people's participation within the family:Parents' accounts [1]
      Yours ever ... or who was Katherine Brown? Investigations of prehistoric Vinca and British influences during and after World War I [1]
      Youth and legitimacy of social order in Serbia: Thinking and acting in the direction of emigration [1]
      Youth risk behaviors: A review of definitions and trends [1]
      Youth spare time: Typical patterns of behavior [1]
      Youth study Serbia 2018/2019 [1]
      Youth subculture in Birmingham tradition: The development and reception of this concept among Serbian scientists [1]
      Yuch as Biblion: Cognitive dispositions and pleasures at Philebus 38E12-40C [1]
      Yuch kao Bibilon - kognitivne dispozicije i uživanja u Filebu 38E12-40C [1]
      Yugonostalgia and Yugoslav cultural memory: Lexicon of Yu Mythology [1]
      Yugoslav Diplomacy and the Greek Coup d'État of 1967 [1]
      Yugoslav Diplomacy and the Ideas of the Balkan Unity, 1925-1930 [1]
      Yugoslav ideologies: The realistic Yugoslav ideology 1904-1918 [1]
      Yugoslav sociology and socialism [1]
      Yugoslav vision of Indonesia: Perspectives of cooperation in the 50's [1]
      Yugoslav Wars - A Snapshot of European Past or Future? [1]
      Yugoslav-Greek Relations from the End of the Second World War to 1990 Chronology, Phases, Problems and Achievements [1]