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      "A Most Splendent Path to Jerusalem": Remembering the Holy Land in Medieval Serbian Hagiography [1]
      "Aha"ptics: Enjoying an Aesthetic Aha During Haptic Exploration [1]
      "Ancient pigs reveal a near-complete genomic turnover following their introduction to Europe (vol 116, pg17231, 2019) [1]
      "Architecture of Dom Kulture in Loznica (1935-1937) in the Service of Cultural Policy" [1]
      "Block bro, Brooklyn bro": music and emotions as identity markers of the place [1]
      "Blok brate, Bruklin brate". Prilog proučavanju odnosa muzike i mesta na primeru antropološkog istraživanja novobeogradske hip-hop kulture [1]
      "Body knows – Body does, Corporal knowledge and heritage interpretation" [1]
      "Crna kutija" Džordža Stokinga [1]
      "Equal Rites": Fragmenting and Healing Bodies in the Early Modern Bay of Kotor [1]
      "Giving at the door"- charity and humanitarian work of church institutions in Medieval Serbia [1]
      "Having it all" and "not having yourself" An analysis of the representations of happiness and despair in the movie Happiness [1]
      "I am tilting at windmills": Tensions in teacher professional identity from the perspective of the Model of the Agonistic Self [1]
      "I believe in God and judgment day": Hayrun Yahya and the contemporary contextualization of apocalyptic hadiths [1]
      "Is there an equal (amount of) juice?" Exploring the repeated question effect in conservation through conversation [1]
      "Izmišljanje" Vavilona – Geografija i hagiografija u bliskoistočnom itineraru svetog Save Srpskog [1]
      "Je crois en Dieu et au Jour Dernier": Hayrun Yahya et la contextualisation contemporaine des hadiths apocalyptiques [1]
      "Jesmo li nečiji?": percepcija i recepcija narativa o traumi iz perspektive slušaoca [1]
      "Književne novine" on Yugoslav togetherness and federalism (1984–1986): opening the question of the state concept [1]
      "Kod kuće": konceptualizacija doma i prakse njegove proizvodnje kod osoba istopolne seksualne orijentacije [1]
      "Kreativni prostor za mentalno zdravlje" - iskustva korisnika psihijatrijskih usluga [1]