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      A framework for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in university programmes [1]
      Academic paper from the a different view on the research process: Writing perspective of transformative learning theory [1]
      Adolescent u porodici – porodica u adolescenciji [1]
      Adult Education - An Instrument Of Socio-Economic Development [1]
      Adult education and COVID -19 - Unesco and global trends [1]
      Adult education and learning in legislation as a framework for action in emergency situations [1]
      Adult education in Hybrid political regimes – gaps between policy and practice [1]
      Adult education in regional educational policies [1]
      Adult education strategy in Serbia – desires, needs, possibilities and results [1]
      Adult Education: Conflicts and Connections [1]
      Adult learning festivals: Celebration of learning: Many reasons and even more ways [1]
      Adult play: Does a computer game educate during leisure? [1]
      Adult training centers in Hungary: Examples to learn from [1]
      Alternative approaches to adult education: Computer games based learning [1]
      Alternativni pristupi obrazovanju odraslih - učenje bazirano na računarskoj igri [1]
      Amaterizam kao činilac aktivnosti u slobodnom vremenu odraslih [1]
      Amateurism as factor of activities in leisure time of adults [1]
      Andragogical knowledge: A key to professionalization of the field of adult education [1]
      Andragogical staff in prison and correctional facilities: Between needs and reality [1]
      Andragogical work of Cyril and Method [1]