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      "Ancient pigs reveal a near-complete genomic turnover following their introduction to Europe (vol 116, pg17231, 2019) [1]
      "Life is Love": The Vinca Script and the Invention of Heritage [1]
      "Nothing happens until something moves": settlement patterns in the Balkan Peninsula during MIS 3-1 [1]
      (In)visible past: First Iron Age Settlements in Novi Pazar Region, Serbia [1]
      1st Medieval Europe Research Community (MERC) Postgraduate and Early Career conference 26–28. april 2019. godine, Pula, Hrvatska [1]
      24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists 2018, Barcelona, Spain [1]
      3D scanning at Vinča: A solution for conservation and study of cultural heritage [1]
      A brief review on the early distribution of pea (Pisum sativum L.) in Europe [1]
      A camel skeleton from the Viminacium amphitheatre [1]
      A Close Watch on the Tisa: the Early Iron Age Necropolis Stubarlija, Serbia [1]
      A Coffin Dispersed: Case-study of 21st Dynasty Coffin Fragments (Timisoara 1142-1146, Budapest 51.325) [1]
      A Contribution to the Sudy ofSocial Inequality in the Late Neolithic of the Central Balkans [1]
      A genetic history of the Balkans from Roman frontier to Slavic migrations [1]
      A human mandible (BH-1) from the Pleistocene deposits of Mala Balanica cave (Sicevo Gorge, Nis, Serbia) [1]
      A human mandible from the loess in the vicinity of Belgrade (Yugoslavia) [1]
      A large supernumerary bone at the bregma and metopism co-occurring in the skull of an ancient roman in Serbia [1]
      A late pleistocene rodent fauna (mammalia: rodentia) from hadzi prodanova cave near Ivanjica Western Serbia) [1]
      A Middle Miocene baleen whale from Bele Vode in Belgrade, Serbia [1]
      A Mighty Castle in the Clouds: New Insight on the Life in the Medieval Castle Solotnik from a Zooarchaeological Perspective [1]
      A multi-phased burial mound in Novo Selo near Bijeljina [1]