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      Carigrad u srpskim srednjovekovnim žitijima [1]
      Carigradski patrijarsi u aktima Ohridskog arhiepiskopa Dimitrija Homatina [1]
      Charisma and authority: towards a hagiographic portrait of st. Sava [1]
      Charte de Vuk Branković aux Ragusains [1]
      Charte du roi Stefan Dušan adressé aux Ragusains portant sur leur activité commerciale [1]
      Charte du roi Stefan Dušan au monastère de Chilandar confirmation de la donation du monastère de Saint-Georges et du village de Uloziste, faite par la femme de Milša, Radoslava [1]
      Chrysobulle du roi Stefan Dušan portant rattachement à Chilandar du patrimoine de Rudl [1]
      Church policy of Stefan Uroš II Milutin (1282–1321): on the occasion of the anniversary of his death [1]
      Cities of Ionia during the Mithridatic wars [1]
      Civili i oficiri - iskustvo Samostalne radikalne stranke (1903) [1]
      Civilians and officers: The Independent Radical Party experience (1903) [1]
      Constantinople in the Serbian medieval biographies [1]
      Constitutional organization of Serbia and Romania in the 19th century: The internal needs and external influences: A comparative analysis [1]
      Constructing a traitor: The case of Guichard of Troyes, the nominal bishop of Bosnia in the early fourteenth century [1]
      Contexts in the Use of Terminology Sijak at South Slavs' in the 18th and 19th Century [1]
      Contribution of the Serbian army to the allies’ victory in the World War I [1]
      Contributions to the social and legal history of marriage relations in Serbia during the first Serbian uprising [1]
      Contributions to the study of neleid anthroponymy iv: the heroic name nestor as a personal name among the hellenes [1]
      Cowboys in Partisan uniforms: American and partisan Westerns in Yugoslavia in 1960s [1]
      Cultural and Social Life of Turkish Pasha in Belgrade - Example of Ali Riza Pasha [1]