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      A myth as a Replacement for a History: Ethnogenetic Elements in De Administrando Imperio and the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja [1]
      A new inscription from Sirmium and the basilica of St. Anastasia [1]
      A Numbers Game: The Size of the Slave Population in Classical Athens [1]
      A port and a railway: The history of a Maritime County as a study of Balkan colonialism 1912-1913. [1]
      A prolusion on the history of the text of Dušan’s Code [1]
      A report by Branislav Nušić on journey from Priština to Skadar in 1894 [1]
      A Russian triodion sticherarion from the late 12th century: MS Hilandar 307 [1]
      A Sea of Miracles: Reflections on Narrative Space in Medieval Serbian Hagiography [1]
      A soldier's diary from the time of the great Turkish war 1683-1699 [1]
      Albanian rebellions in Kosovo villayet in 1910 [1]
      Aleksandra Novakov: Stubovi srpske prosvete - srpske srednje škole u Osmanskom carstvu 1878-1912, Zavod za udžbenike, Beograd, 2017 [1]
      Aleksandra Novakov: The pillars of Serbian education: Serbian secondary schools in the Ottoman Empire 1878-1912, Zavod za udžbenike, Beograd, 2017 [1]
      Alliances and Neutrality/Non-Alignment before and after the Second World War: A Theoretical Framework [1]
      Alojzije Stepinac pitomac Papskog zavoda Germanikum (1924-1931) [1]
      Alojzije Stepinac: Student of the Collegium Germanicum (1924-1931) [1]
      Americanization of everyday life of the Yugoslav film during 1960-es [1]
      Američke stipendije u Jugoslaviji 50-ih i 60-ih godina XX veka [1]
      Amerikanizacija jugoslovenske filmske svakodnevice šezdesetih godina 20. veka [1]
      Amfilohije's fragments: Testimonies on liturgical service in the Serbian church of the 12th century [1]
      Amfilohijevi fragmenti - svedočanstvo o bogosluženju u Srpskoj crkvi u XII veku [1]