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      "Aha"ptics: Enjoying an Aesthetic Aha During Haptic Exploration [1]
      "I am tilting at windmills": Tensions in teacher professional identity from the perspective of the Model of the Agonistic Self [1]
      "Is there an equal (amount of) juice?" Exploring the repeated question effect in conservation through conversation [1]
      "Normalizing" Everyday Life in the State of Emergency: Experiences, Well-Being and Coping Strategies of Emerging Adults in Serbia during the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic [1]
      'Contemporary neurosciences and psychotherapy' [1]
      'Komadić koji nedostaje' u procesu obrazovanja - socioemocionalno učenje [1]
      'The missing piece' in the educational process: Social and emotional learning [1]
      (Im)moral Symbols and (Im)moral Deeds: Defensive Strategies for Coping with Historical Transgressions of Group Heroes and Villains [1]
      (Post)Materialism, Satisfaction with Democracy and Support for Democracy in Eastern Europe [1]
      A community-sourced glossary of open scholarship terms [1]
      A comparative analysis of the image of man and woman in illustrations of textbooks for first grade children [1]
      A comparative study of oil paintings and Chinese ink paintings on composition [1]
      A comparison of web-based and paper-and-pencil job satisfaction surveys [1]
      A critical perspective on career shocks in a volatile environment: Red Cross staff and volunteers aiding migrants on their way to Europe in 2016 [1]
      A Cross-Cultural Study of Distress during COVID-19 Pandemic: Some Protective and Risk Factors [1]
      A Cue for Rational Reasoning: Introducing a Reference Point in Cognitive Reflection Tasks [1]
      A faceted eye on intellectual giftedness: Examining the personality of gifted students using FFM domains and facets [1]
      A further step towards unpacking the variance in trait and ability emotional intelligence: The specific contribution of attachment quality [1]
      A gem from the past: Pleikart Stumpf's (1911) anticipation of the aperture problem, Reichardt detectors, and perceived motion loss at equiluminance [1]
      A large-scale test of the link between intergroup contact and support for social change [1]