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      "Kreativni prostor za mentalno zdravlje" - iskustva korisnika psihijatrijskih usluga [1]
      A cross-linguistic quasi-universal non-word repetition task: Evidence from Serbian typically developing children [1]
      A cross-linguistic study of the acquisition of clitic and pronoun production [1]
      A Crosslinguistic Study of Symmetrical Judgments [1]
      A direct comparison of tDCS, theta tACS, and theta‑oscillatory tDCS effects on short-term associative memory [1]
      A neutral point in examining the effects of grammatical context on the processing of inflectional forms in the Serbian language [1]
      A new measure of secondary traumatization: Psychometric properties and external validity of Secondary Traumatization Questionnaire (STQ) [1]
      A test battery for the assessment of associative memory [1]
      Acquisition of inflectional case system in Serbian [1]
      Adaptacija Mekartur-Bejtsovog inventara komunikacionog razvoja (CDI) za srpski jezik [1]
      Adaptation of Harvard Trauma Questionnaire for working with refugees and asylum seekers in Serbia [1]
      Adolescence and risk-taking: Reflection of irrationality or rationality? [1]
      Adolescenti i rizična ponašanja - odraz iracionalnosti ili racionalnosti [1]
      Adolescents' Leisure Time Satisfaction and Behavioural Patterns [1]
      Adolescents’ music preferences and activities during leisure time [1]
      Age of Acquisition Norms for Nouns and Verbs in 22 Languages [1]
      Ambulatory assessment of language use: Evidence on the temporal stability of Electronically Activated Recorder and stream of consciousness data [1]
      Analiza procesa ocenjivanja na časovima matematike [1]
      Anksioznost u vezi sa učenjem matematike - matematika - bauk ili ne? [1]
      Application of fit indices in testing the theoretical models in psychology: Possibilities and limitations [1]