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Two post-Byzantine documents from Chilandar monastery on the cell of the Holy Archangels at Karyes

dc.contributorЖивојиновић, Мирјана
dc.creatorЏелебџић, Дејан
dc.description.abstractУ раду се издају две неиздате грчке исправе из Архиваманастира Хиландара које се односе на хиландарску Келију Светих Арханђелау Кареји. Првом исправом (γράμμα, А), из 1652. године, Велики сабор уступаΚелију јеромонаху и проигуману кир Димитрију и још двојици монаха надоживотно коришћење. Друга исправа (ἐσφράγιστον γράμμα, Б), из 1747.године, истог је типа: њоме Сабор стараца манастира Хиландара Келију надоживотно коришћење уступа оцу кир Дионисију и још двојици монаха.sr
dc.description.abstractThe Archive of the Holy monastery of Chilandar preserves at least five documentsto the cell of the Holy Archangel at Karyes from the 17th and the 18th centuries onlytwo of which have as yet been published (see note 2). This paper publishes twomore such documents thus shedding further light on the fate of the cell during the17th and 18th centuries. With the first of these (γράμμα, А) which was issued on 1stApril 1652, the Great Synod of the Holy Mountain grants the cell for life-long useto hieromonk and pro-hegoumenos kyr Demetrios and two other monks whosenames are not mentioned. The document lists the rights and responsibilities ofboth sides, describes the boundary of the territory of the cell (περιοχή) and givesan inventory of the moveable property which was granted along with control of thecell (icons, sacral objects and books, crockery and tools). The document is signedfor the representatives of twenty of the Athos monasteries in the hand of the scribe,as was the usual practice at the time. The second document (ἐσφράγιστον γράμμα,Б) which was issued on 15th July 1747 i.e. at a time when the cell had alreadybelonged to Chilandar for 85 years, also concerns a grant of life-long usage ofthe cell to Father kyr Dionysios and two other monks. The document defines therights and duties of the monastic house and the occupants of the cell. The itemsthe cell contained at the time of transfer are listed (wine barrels, tools and pots andpans) as are the items which the monk-purchasers gifted to the cell on the occasion(sacral objects, liturgical books, pots and pans) and the boundary (σύνορον) of theterritory on which vines and hazelnuts were grown is described. The scribe signedthe document for nine monks of
dc.publisherБеоград : Српска академија наука и уметностиsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Basic Research (BR or ON)/177032/RS//sr
dc.sourceХиландарски зборникsr
dc.subjectисправе о Келији Светих Арханђела у Карејиsr
dc.subjectпреводи и коментари исправаsr
dc.titleДве поствизантијске исправе о хиландарској келији Светих Арханђела у Карејиsr
dc.titleTwo post-Byzantine documents from Chilandar monastery on the cell of the Holy Archangels at Karyessr
dc.description.otherRecueil de Chilandar, 14sr

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